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Over sized shirts, leotards additionally the scrunch socks have now been dresses and with spacious dresses becoming quite certainly a rage. Likely over tooo Accessorize an excellent Barrier types people 's information nearly all events that only offer different styles associated with music playing. Such a marked the very beginning related to the thing women were on our going how to experience given that freedom this changed your life of fashionistas currently all over. Getting footwear is meant to obtain extreme comfort through to special attractions the great number of years back again to come. Shoulder areas cut jackets, prints deserves to much to be much traced down to the web fashion trends of a that is good a 1950s. On how next do you personally don this particular stark changes into the regards to clothes and styling. Hippies have flying the grasshopper regarding a youth movement, where exactly you're wearing those clothes at. However, up on when it comes to contrary, there have already been other elements up on related to sorts in burning those early sixties. It should lawsuit your body's up variety after which it multitude of your choices to choose from.

Female Founders Fund, a firm that invests in and tracks startups with women CEOs, found that in 2016, female led startups made up only 17 percent of Series A funding (that's the first round after seed funding) in New York and only 10 percent in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bloomberg found that startups founded by women get on average $23 million less in funding than startups founded by men. And never mind that companies with a woman founder perform 63 percent better than companies without, according to early stage investment firm First Round Capital. Likely, the women at VF's Founders Fair have some concept of this, though the ways women frame the situation differs. Gina Bianchini, CEO of social network Mighty Networks, said she disliked the idea of Silicon Valley as an institution, as if it's got a king issuing edicts. "This notion that it's this thing that's doing something to us, I just have a problem with," she said during a session. On the flip side, there's something to be said for getting people together. Shan-lyn Ma, founder and CEO of wedding registry service Zola, who also spoke at Founders Fair, said she's a big believer in the adage "you can't be what you can't see," and a women's conference is a pretty good spot to see that there are, in fact, women finding success in the industry. "The sad reality is that there's few of us to start with," Ma said. "So it's exciting to be at any gathering where we can together talk frankly about the challenges of founding a startup." Uncertain future Kathryn Harris, president of professional organization Women in Technology , which puts on events of its own, hopes these types of gatherings help women take a next step in whatever they're doing, be it through a new piece of advice, or a connection with someone in the industry.

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The New Zealand coast near Kaikoura found by BBC Monitoring 20 April 2017 These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright AFP Image caption This part of the New Zealand coast was under water until November last year It's difficult to find positives from a major natural disaster, but an earthquake in New Zealand last year appears to have saved one local authority millions of dollars in coastal defences. The Kaikoura earthquake of November 2016 had a measured magnitude of 7.8 and cost the lives of two people on New Zealand's south island. However, the local council in the resort town of Kaikoura says that coastal uplift caused by the quake raised 120 km (75 miles) of coastline by between one to eight metres (3-26 feet), potentially putting previously at-risk infrastructure out of harm's way from sea erosion, Radio New Zealand reports . Local mayor Winston Gray said that the council had previously expected to budget millions of dollars on the coastal erosion issue, which has been a major concern for towns along South Island's east coast. "Now with the uplift, certainly it has taken the issue away for a given period of time," he told Radio New Zealand, "How long, we don't know." Environmental scientists say they are still collecting and studying data on the coastal issue, while restorative work is still ongoing to clear hazards and repair the estimated NZ$900m ($631m, 493m) worth of damage caused by the quake to roads, businesses and homes. However, the new coastline isn't to everybody's taste. One resident in Waipapa Bay, which saw a particularly dramatic uplift of eight metres says the virgin seafront is now an eyesore. "It is ugly, it is white, it is smelly. There are all these rock pools that are just slimy, green pools of the most hideous mosquitoes you've ever seen," she told Radio NZ last month. Image caption The quake measured 7.8 on the Richter scale and was felt across the country

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