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REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/File Photo By Barbara Goldberg | NEW YORK NEW YORK American Airlines (AAL.O) on Saturday apologized to a female passenger and suspended an employee after a video showing an onboard clash over a baby stroller went viral, in the latest embarrassment for a U.S. carrier over how it treated a customer. The clip, posted on Facebook on Friday by a bystander aboard the flight, shows a woman in tears with a young child in her arms, and a man emerging from his seat to confront a male flight attendant who apparently wrested the stroller from the woman. Facebook user Surain Adyanthaya, who posted the video, wrote that the flight attendant had forcefully taken the stroller, hitting the woman with it and just missing her child. That sequence of events did not appear on the clip. What it shows is the unidentified man standing up and yelling at the flight attendant: "You do that to me and I'll knock you flat." The crew member then points his finger angrily and challenges the passenger to hit him. The video shows the man eventually returning to his seat. American Airlines said in a statement it was investigating the incident, which took place before the plane took off on a flight from San Francisco to Dallas. "We are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused this passenger and her family and to any other customers affected by the incident," the airline said in a statement released early on Saturday. The woman elected to take another flight and was upgraded to first class, said American. The treatment of passengers by the airline industry returned as a national issue after a video appeared online two weeks ago showing a 69-year-old passenger being dragged off a United Airlines (UAL.N) flight to make room for a crew member.

The lack of lugs allows the H0s strap to curve down and hug a smaller wrist, and in an era where other brands are dropping to smaller and smaller proportions, this was a smart move by HYT to help reach a broader audience. Last and certainly not least, practically half of the case is made up of a massive domed sapphire crystal that not only gives the illusion of more restrained case dimensions, but also provides its wearer with an unobstructed viewing angle of its dial and fluid track. View photos How It Works As we previously noted, nothing has been altered at a technical level with the launch of the HYT H0 compared to other models in the range. A mechanical hand-winding movement running at 28,800 vibrations per hour provides a power reserve of 65 hours. This mechanism is linked to a set of bellows (visible through two cut-outs in the lower portion of its dial) which precisely pumps fluid around the outer track in retrograde from the six oclock indication. Once the blue fluid reaches six oclock, it is then drawn back to its starting point in order to continue its travel past the seven oclock mark and beyond. Though its indications for hours and minutes are separated in such a way, the H0 proved to be quite straightforward and easy-to-read during our stint with it on the wrist. View photos How to Pair It Much like a few of our other Watch of the Week candidates, the H0 is another piece where going bold is never a bad thing. As we truck along towards Memorial Day, the option of all white attire becomes a consideration, however shades of denim with white accents would be the most logical play in our books. Those of you looking to push boundaries a little further may even want to consider going down the path of a blazer and sneaker pairing, though the sneaker of choice would need to be equally attention-grabbing to be up to the task. In addition, the H0 will also be available in orange and black in case a different color pallet is preferred.

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But, theyre only available at select U.S. CVS locations. Let me be clear: Republic Nails Kahlo collection is indeed online. Butthe bigger question is, why isnt this gorgeous collection more widely available? I mean, just look at this incredible packaging: According to Republic Nails USA COO, the brand is trying to expand to other retailers. But lest you think that this is just a shady case of a beauty brand trying to capitalize on a trendy(and radical) figure? Well,the entire line has the blessing of the Frida Kahlo Foundation for Culture and the Arts . Though the beautiful packaging and products are certainly a draw, theyre meant to spread an appreciation for the oft-misunderstood artist. So! If youre in the U.S.

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