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The team announced in a dramatic Twitter video nonetheless that players are barred from wearing clothing with the Tech double T logo on it inside the football facility. The reasoning is that players have to earn the right to wear the logo. Tech was 5-7 in 2016. Until further notice, the Double T is not allowed to be worn inside the football facility. Learn more this week #WreckEm #EarnTheDoubleT Texas Tech Football (@TexasTechFB) March 1, 2017 The video includes clips of disappointment throughout the season. Interestingly maybe only to us The first game clip is a botched handoff between quarterback Patrick Mahomes and running back Demarcus Felton. Mahomes, who was Techs best offensive player, declared for the NFL draft after the season and wont be returning to school. Hes completely unaffected by the motivational ploy. 2017 is shaping up as a pivotal year for coach Kliff Kingsbury and the Red Raiders.

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Popular Searches +0.77% No but that doesnt mean that they wont try. March is Fraud Prevention Month, so lets focus on a type of fraud that people dont typically associate with real estate. Identity theft occurs when a fraudster assumes a persons identity , using both publicly available information and private information. Once the thief is able to claim the victims identity, they use it for financial gain. And sometimes the repercussions can extend to real-estate assets, as well. Because real estate is so valuable, it can be a big target. Once the fraudster has assumed the victims identity, they can then attempt to sell or remortgage the property without the owners knowledge. When theyre selling the property, the thief may even use the services of a real-estate professional and the property may be listed on There wont be a sign on the front lawn and prospective buyers cant come in to view the property, but its not unheard of for a buyer to purchase a property unseen.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit found by BBC Monitoring 6 March 2017 LinkedIn Image caption "Are you a spinster?!" The billboards appeared along main roads in Cairo over the past week An Egyptian company's attempt to tackle gender stereotypes has backfired after its latest advertising campaign was accused of reinforcing negative attitudes towards women. "Are you a spinster?!" reads one billboard promoting Sunny cooking oil, alongside a picture of a young woman looking down in resignation while several fingers point at her from the back. Other billboards in the campaign use Egyptian proverbs, including one that says: "Break a girl's rib and she will grow 24 more." In a much smaller font, the adverts encourage women to share their opinions on the stereotypes through the company's Facebook page. The marketing agency behind it told Egypt's Dream TV that the idea was to create new, positive slogans inspired by women's own stories. But the campaign's approach was swiftly criticised. "These are the kind of phrases we เสื้อทีม สีดำ want to erase from our dictionary," said TV anchor Lamis al-Hadidi, adding that the wording was unacceptable even as a shock tactic to draw attention to a positive message. There was a similar reaction on social media, where many users felt the billboards would simply reinforce sexist ideas. The head of the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights said the company should have sought expert advice on how to convey its message. "Social change has specific mechanisms," Nihad Abo al-Qomsan told Dream TV.

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