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AMC and Imax expect to jointly spend about $25m (20m) on the expansion plan and will subsequently share the revenues. "One of the things that has really frustrated me over my 23 years [in charge] has been our inability to properly penetrate Europe," Imax's chief executive, Rich Gelfond, told the BBC. "Europe has been challenging because of its infrastructure - the theatres are smaller, they are dated and don't really fit the Imax specs, and the build-out [of new cinemas] has been slow. "So, today is really a historic day for us." AMC is making the investment five months after taking over Odeon and a month after its acquisition of Nordic Cinemas. The company is itself controlled by China's Dalian Wanda Group. It is now engaged in a wider effort to upgrade its cinemas. "One of the ways you get people not to watch a movie in their home or on their iPad is you offer them a 60ft [18.3m] screen," said AMC's chief executive Adam Aron. "When consumers have so many choices... one of the smartest things we can do is put in more and more Imax or Imax-like experiences, because that is one of the long-term guarantors that people are going to still go out." The initiative will bring the total number of Imax cinemas run by all chains in Europe close to 250. However, that figure will still lag behind the 800 in existence or in development in China and the 350 in the US.